10 Tips to Get Organized and Clutter Free

Do you have a messy trait in you? Do not know how to clean up the mess? Worry not. This article provides you with 10 sure fire tips for you to get organised and be more effective in your work.

Tip 1: You have got to love your belongings or lose it. Everything that you think or believe has its value and you made a conscious choice to keep it (I hope). Thus, if you one day think that the idea is not useful anymore or it distracts you, feel free to discard it. This reduces a lot of rubble and it frees up the space to put things you love.

Tip 2: Have a clear idea in your mind how things should be like. Draw or write it because it is important for you to have a plan on how to organise things.

Tip 3: Destroy your excuses. Things like: “I am just too busy, wait till next time” are lousy excuses that will undermine your vision. Like Nike says, “Just do it!”

Tip 4: Take time out for positive actions and commit your time and effort. Mark a date on your calendar which is when you want to see results.

Tip 5: Choose your style of organization. If you are the technology sort, use a computer or notebook to organize your life.

Tip 6: Maintain your level of success and keep on the process, keeping ideas flowing and holding the energy level high.

Tip 7: Form or join a support group. The idea why you might want to join a support group is to find like-minded individuals who are willing and able to support you in your quest to reduce clutter.

Tip 8: Ask yourself questions to re-evaluate whether something should be kept or not.

Tip 9: List all the projects and create a holding file to keep everything organized.

Tip 10: “What will happen to my life if I did not clear up the clutter?” Let go of clutter that you do not need and head forward for a clutter free life!