Activities Around the Gwydyr Forest

The Gwydyr Forest, set in the Snowdonia National Park, is home to some of the most celebrated scenery of forestry, lakes and mountains. Its enchanting community Betws-Y-Coed is in fact the outdoors capital of North Wales. Here you can walk, climb, cycle and even face adventure courses, high among the trees.

One of the area’s most famous biking routes is the Marin Trail. Don’t be fooled by its attraction though, this 25km long track is famous for its tough climbs but exhilarating descents. With a red trail grade, it’s not a route for the faint hearted but a thrilling experience for experienced mountain bikers. Though it’s a long track you can always cut it short, but you certainly don’t want to miss out on the breathtaking views the whole journey offers, over mountains, trees and lakes. With smooth open paths to rough and rocky single tracks, some areas of the route can be more rewarding to different riders but time and time again the final descent is said to have riders grinning from ear to ear.

If you don’t own a bike of your own, Betws-y-Coed offers its own bike hire facility, Beics Betws. With over 22 years of experience, this hiring facility caters to both beginners and experienced riders, even offering guided rides.

If you’re looking for a route more suited to the whole family, the Llyn Elsi trail offers a non-technical biking trail that has been awarded a blue trail grade. This route is 10km in length and offers wonderful views over the Llyn Elsi Reservoir with predominantly forest tracks, rarely making steep climbs. This route can be a really enjoyable experience for the family as it’s perfectly suitable for older children too. To make the most of this calm trail, it’s best to cycle this track on a sunny day, this way you can keep an eye out for the abundance of wildlife in the area.

Close to the Conwy Falls Cafe in Betws-Y-Coed, is Go Below. If maybe you’re looking for a deep and dark adventure through the Snowdonia mines, this is an active experience for you. You’ll be kitted up with full safety equipment and taking on underground challenges in no time. You’ll have the opportunity to zip line over water, climb vertical shafts and even abseil down the deepest point in Snowdonia. Choose between two adventures, where you’ll be guided by mine explorers the whole way. The Underground Challenge is suitable for both older children and adults, where you can scale waterfalls and explore the forgotten slate mines, with vast caverns and lakes. For adults, the Challenge Xtreme is a challenge that is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. This challenge involves climbing over exposed traverses to reach the deepest underground workings in Snowdonia.

The area is also home to adventures that take place off of the ground. Tree Top Adventure offers high ropes courses to people of all ages and abilities, even as young as 4. Adventurers will be fitted with a full safety harness and helmet before receiving a comprehensive safety briefing and taking on over 30 obstacles high in the air. Without ever having to detach from the safety line, you’ll cross bridges, balancing beams and zip wires all while testing your skill and ability. For the little ones the Junior Tree Trail lets your children join in on the fun, crossing several adorably named beams and crossings. Afterwards, you can take on the Powerfan Plummet, the world’s highest Powerfan parachute simulator. Set over 100ft high in the air, the summit offers panoramic views before you take your leap and receive an incredibly light landing, thanks to the revolutionary technology.

The Gwydyr Forest is surrounded by natural scenery that is perfect for a full day of activities, for visitors of all ages. Whether it’s up high or deep in old abandoned mines, activities around the Gwydyr Forest will give you the taste of nature you need to enjoy quality time and make memories you’ll treasure forever.

Must-See Cultural and Tourist Destinations in Pasig

Pasig is a city situated on the eastern border of Metro Manila. It was primarily a residential and industrial area, but over the years it developed into a more commercial district. Its numerous malls and entertainment spots have made it a popular stop for the young and hip crowd. Meanwhile, its bustling business district makes it a destination for corporate travelers who are in the country to do work.

However, Pasig City offers more than just the usual mall, bar, and office. If you look deeper you’ll find that the city boasts a trove of cultural attractions that should earn a spot in any traveler’s itinerary. Here are some of them:

The Immaculate Conception Parish Church, founded by the Augustinian Missionaries in 1572, is one of the oldest churches in Metro Manila. It is also the first Marian Parish in the country, whose original patroness was the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Pasig City Museum is a repository of the city’s tradition, culture, and history. It is a living museum that houses the aspirations and very life of the people of Pasig. Its main feature is the Timeline History of Pasig, which shows the development of the city from the time of its early settlers until today. The museum also holds a collection of artifacts and memorabilia of significant historic value. These include the Natural Science Collection, Philippine Coins and Paper Money, and Sites and Landmarks Evolution Through the Ages, to name a few.

Bahay na Tisa is the oldest house in Pasig which is owned by the Tech family. Built around the early 1850s, the house boasts intricate Spanish architecture and sometimes serves as a venue for cultural forums and art shows. On Domingo in Albis (Sunday after Easter), sick people of Pasig receive benediction and Holy Communion from the parish priest here.

The Concepcion Residence is a historic multistory mansion that was used by the Japanese and American as their headquarters during World War II. It is also the place where the American flag was raised on Liberation Day in February 19, 1945. Today, it houses the Heroes Monument – a tribute to the town’s war heroes.

Dona Geronima’s Cave is located in Barangay Pineda. It is a legendary cave in Pasig where the hermit Geronima is said to have lived. Another story says that the cave served as a doorway that leads up the mountain where Dona Geronima’s mansion is found. To this day, it is a mystery that intrigues any visitor who passes by it.

An Introduction to International Business Cultures – Asia

Students who’ve completed a foreign policy or international business program of study might be eager to begin working in a foreign country. Perhaps they might be a bit ambivalent or scared, too. After all, the business practices of various nations in Africa, Europe, Asia – and even, North America – can differ vastly from American business customs and etiquette.

Several Asian nations, notably China, Japan, and India, have the potential to dramatically shape the world economy over the next decade. Across Asia, workers highly skilled in computers, engineering, manufacturing, and biological sciences are revolutionizing global methods of innovation, business, and production. It will become more likely over the next decade that a business college graduate will work with professionals from one or more of these Asian nations – especially if that graduate pursues a career path with many international opportunities.

Developing cultural sensitivity and awareness is very important for cross-cultural exchanges. This article will explore some common business basics among people of several different Asian nations, while offering little-known, fun tips and facts.

Building relationships: Chinese, Japanese, and Indian international business

Asian cultures tend to be much more collectivist than Western counterparts. In business decision-making, the group as a whole chooses a course of action. An individual worker’s identity is strongly shaped by the group for which he or she works. In American business, conversely, one is much less likely to see collaborative strategies – though the newest generation of American office workers is beginning to change this. International business program graduates who work in China, Japan, or India might wish to develop their group work skills further before heading abroad.

Greeting individuals with a handshake, a slight bow of the head, and eye contact is polite. The firm, authoritative American handshake can be overkill overseas. Touching other professionals is taboo in Asia. Personal space is important; it is not considered polite to stand very close to someone. It is always best to observe the behaviors of your professional associates, and act appropriately.

Expect business to be conducted in a slow, deliberate fashion, and rushed business deals to be regarded as highly suspect. Speak slowly and clearly, and present new ideas cautiously. Aggressive proposals or overly showy body movements will not be interpreted well. Being on time is also essential. Asia is a continent of punctual business professionals, and it makes good sense to be early — or, at the very least, on time — to each new business meeting or collaborative opportunity. It also helps to be willing and able to gently negotiate and compromise. Consensus-building trumps maverick ideas in Asian countries.

Building strong business relationships is absolutely paramount in Asian countries, too. American workers abroad are at a disadvantage in this regard, because they will need to overcome cultural barriers to build trust and respect. They will also need to demonstrate their business skills in an honest, but not boastful fashion. Talking less and listening more are always wise moves when meeting a new business colleague. Status and rank are of greater importance in Asia than they are in mostly-egalitarian America, so pay attention to who’s who in a company – but, of course, get to know everyone with whom you will be doing business.

Customs for Asian countries

Of course, Asian business cultures will vary in their customs. In Japan, for example, gift-giving is much more acceptable than it is in China – although gift-giving can be an appreciated token if done correctly. Each Asian culture also tends to prefer some ways of greeting professionals over others. Typically, using the last name and the person’s professional title (such as ‘Dr.’) indicates respect. Asian business dress is sometimes more formal than standard American business dress, especially since jeans and t-shirts have become more acceptable in the American post-dot-com age. Navy, black, or grey business suits with conservative ties for men; and dark dress suits or formal, conservative sheath dresses and jackets for women will work well. Business shoes should be dark, polished, and as conservative as possible.

The presentation and reception of business cards is also important in Asia. It is most polite to have your business card printed double-sided, with the Asian language on one side and English on the other. You should offer your business card with the Asian language side facing up. When accepting other business cards, treat them as valuable: Study them carefully to memorize names and information, and never stuff them into your pocket. For your business cards, you might want to consider purchasing a hard case that snaps shut, and which can be tucked discreetly into a briefcase or purse after the card exchange has occurred.

Working abroad can be great fun. Americans can learn much from their Asian professional counterparts, and, by following some simple etiquette guidelines, can enjoy a most enriching cross-cultural experience.

How to Choose the Right Jersey Shore Hotel For Your Vacation

Getting your family settled into the right hotel can be half the battle of planning a vacation. The hotel you choose is either going to work seamlessly with your schedule and activities, or prove to be a big disappointment.

The first thing to consider when choosing a hotel is the size of your traveling party. Different hotels and resorts tend to cater to a very different clientele. This article will explore three very different Jersey shore hotels — so that you can research and find the perfect one for your traveling group.

Blue Palms Resort

One of the many Jersey shore hotels that cater to families is the Blue Palms Resort. The Blue Palms has newly renovated family suites that sleep up to five with kitchenettes to make it easier on families. The motel also offers several barbecue grills for guest use, making it a great choice for families looking to vacation on a budget.

The motel has its own heated swimming pool with a separate children’s pool nearby for the little ones. If the kids are itching to build sandcastles, the beaches of Wildwood Crest are just a short walk away and when you need a break from surf and sand. The Blue Palms Resort is just steps away from the free Wildwood beaches, the famous boardwalk and the amusement park activities of Morey’s Piers

Pan American Hotel

The Pan American Hotel is one of the Jersey shore hotels that is perfect for couples. This luxury hotel offers hotel rooms, efficiencies and efficiency suites — all with private balconies. Some rooms even overlook the ocean for watching romantic ocean sunrises and sunsets.

The hotel is situated right on the beautiful beachfront and features spectacular views from its heated circular adult pool and sunbathing deck. If your kids come along, the Pan American offers special amenities and supervised activities designed especially for kids, creating even more special time for Mom and Dad to enjoy some alone time.

Stroll the nearby Wildwood boardwalk hand in hand while enjoying an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean.

StarLux Hotel and Meeting Place

The StarLux Hotel and Meeting Place boasts it’s the hippest of the Jersey shore hotels, which makes it perfect for a vacationing group of friends. The hotel is decorated in groovy surfer style and many of the rooms are complete with wet bars, making the StarLux a fun vacation destination for bachelor, bachelorette parties or just a weekend getaway for friends. Visitors to the hotel can choose from traditional hotel rooms, suites or even deluxe Airstream trailers on the hotel’s grounds.

The hotel boasts that its pool is the most exciting pool of any of the Jersey shore hotels and the StarLux’s lobby is surrounded by a glass enclosure and opens into the pool area. Guests can play games in the hotel’s lobby or meet new friends in the lounge. The fun atmosphere of the StarLux makes this hotel a fun-filled vacation destination.

These three Jersey shore hotels all offer fun and excitement, whether you’re planning a family vacation, romantic couple’s getaway or a fun trip just for your friends. With so many Jersey shore hotels, it’s possible to choose a new one every year, but you may enjoy your stay so much you never look for another hotel.