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Shopping For Cheap Ticket Sales? No Brokers, Use Sports Team Affiliates

All fans want to go see their favorite sports team play live. With so many entities offering cheap ticket sales, it can become difficult for consumers to decide which ones to trust online.

Many people may wonder why anyone would search for tickets outside of the venue. A few scenarios may arise, warranting the need for tickets through a direct affiliate:

– Cheap tickets available at the team box office were not at a desirable price point

– Relatives or clients need last-minute entertainment

– The costs of going to a game (food, parking, etc.) is prohibitive

Regardless of the reason, the need for cheap tickets arise, and a direct affiliate may be the only choice.

Why buy cheap tickets from a direct affiliate only?

Many ticket vendors exist, but purchasing sports tickets directly from the teams or their affiliates is the best choice. Private owners, brokers, and the like, may have tickets, but unfortunate instances such as counterfeit tickets or outrageous pricing can occur.

Buying straight from team box offices and affiliates ensures the reception of a legitimate ticket with no hassle – just enjoyment of the sport.

Finding cheap tickets online


– Ask about their relationship to the sports team. Are they representatives of the team box office or direct affiliates? If not, you’ve been warned!

. – Use a credit card or other secure type of payment

– Buy from a site operating from a fixed place of business and contact information

– Verify the location of cheap tickets via a seating chart

Do not

– Use an unsecured, Web site

– Purchase tickets from private owners, scalpers, or ticket brokers asking for cash

Characteristics of reputable cheap ticket sources:

– Maintains regular business hours from permanent business address

– Maintains business telephone number

– Discloses location of seats verbally or via seating chart prior to purchase

– Does not sell altered tickets

– Maintains records of cheap ticket sale transactions

– Advises purchaser of refund, rescheduling, and cancellations policy

– Is not a private seller