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Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala, the God’s Own Country

Marriage is a relation that is created in heaven by the Almighty, and if the relations have to be given a loving and memorable start, then why not to think of Honeymoon in Kerala lovingly called the God’s Own Country. After the hectic period of the marriage is over and the times comes to relax a bit now with your spouse then without wasting any time plan a wonderful and enchanting dream come true honeymoon in Kerala. Kerala is the one of the most beautiful paradise in India and is very famous among honeymoon couples who visit from across the world to celebrate once in a lifetime vacation in a romantic and memorable way.

There is lot that a couple can experience and explore here together by sharing this very romantic moment with each other.

The couples on their Kerala honeymoon can visit the most beautiful backwater destinations among which the most favored are the Alleppey also called Venice of the East, Cochin and Kuttanad the few region in the world where farming is done below sea level. Cochin is very popular for its enticing attractions and is famously known as ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. Among the many attractions in the city, the backwaters provide wonderful opportunity to enjoy intimate time being together cruising over the traditional houseboat locally called Kettuvallam. The houseboat give the chance to walk along with the green nature and make the couple feel the journey on this picturesque backwater a real wonder and a dream come true ride.

The state of Kerala not only offer backwater honeymoon tours, but at the same time the magnetic charm of the serene and scintillating beaches too tempts the heart of newly weds to enjoy time of love in the blissful ambiance of Kerala beaches. Some of the popular beaches in Kerala are Allappuzha beach, Bekal Beach and Kovalam Beach which is visited by honeymooners from across the corner of the globe. Amongst all the beaches, Kovalam is most favored by the honeymooners on their vacation as Kovalam is amazingly beautiful and provide wonderful opportunity for newly wed to enjoy quality time being together. Here couples can enjoy several fun-filled water sports and activities and make familiar to each other in a better way to make the life and the world a better place to live and enjoy.

Kerala also called one of the ten love nests in India is also very famous for its wildlife and the bird sanctuaries. If you love bit adventure enjoy guided wildlife safari with your beloved and see varied species of birds and animals in their natural home. The sanctuaries constitute of many beautiful birds like darters, heron, teals, wild ducks and many other, it is very rich for the bird life and wild animals like tigers, Indian fox, and jackals and also have elephant etc. Among the famous wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries that is visited by the most of the visitors in this state are the Wayanad wildlife Sanctuary, the Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary and the very famous Kumarakom bird Sanctuary.

In additional couple can also have some historical spell as the state of Kerala is very enrich with some great historical monuments and great architectural wonders. Also be part of the colorful fairs and festivals and take a glimpse in the celebration of life that people of Kerala prefer. Truly you will have wonderful time in Kerala with your beloved which you will love to cherish and treasure for lifelong memories.

So, if you are planning for wonderful honeymoon then I assure you it would be the best choice to plan your once in a lifetime vacation or honeymoon in Kerala, a marvel located along the azure shore of the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats. Wish you a happy and romantic honeymoon vacation in Kerala.

Must-See Cultural and Tourist Destinations in Pasig

Pasig is a city situated on the eastern border of Metro Manila. It was primarily a residential and industrial area, but over the years it developed into a more commercial district. Its numerous malls and entertainment spots have made it a popular stop for the young and hip crowd. Meanwhile, its bustling business district makes it a destination for corporate travelers who are in the country to do work.

However, Pasig City offers more than just the usual mall, bar, and office. If you look deeper you’ll find that the city boasts a trove of cultural attractions that should earn a spot in any traveler’s itinerary. Here are some of them:

The Immaculate Conception Parish Church, founded by the Augustinian Missionaries in 1572, is one of the oldest churches in Metro Manila. It is also the first Marian Parish in the country, whose original patroness was the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Pasig City Museum is a repository of the city’s tradition, culture, and history. It is a living museum that houses the aspirations and very life of the people of Pasig. Its main feature is the Timeline History of Pasig, which shows the development of the city from the time of its early settlers until today. The museum also holds a collection of artifacts and memorabilia of significant historic value. These include the Natural Science Collection, Philippine Coins and Paper Money, and Sites and Landmarks Evolution Through the Ages, to name a few.

Bahay na Tisa is the oldest house in Pasig which is owned by the Tech family. Built around the early 1850s, the house boasts intricate Spanish architecture and sometimes serves as a venue for cultural forums and art shows. On Domingo in Albis (Sunday after Easter), sick people of Pasig receive benediction and Holy Communion from the parish priest here.

The Concepcion Residence is a historic multistory mansion that was used by the Japanese and American as their headquarters during World War II. It is also the place where the American flag was raised on Liberation Day in February 19, 1945. Today, it houses the Heroes Monument – a tribute to the town’s war heroes.

Dona Geronima’s Cave is located in Barangay Pineda. It is a legendary cave in Pasig where the hermit Geronima is said to have lived. Another story says that the cave served as a doorway that leads up the mountain where Dona Geronima’s mansion is found. To this day, it is a mystery that intrigues any visitor who passes by it.