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5 Reasons to Wager at an Online Sportsbook Rather Than Your Local Bookie

Financial Security – Most offshore sportsbooks function similarly to an offshore bank account. The money you deposit is done through an SSL secure transaction and can be withdrawn at any time. When wagering at your local bookie you lack this financial security and constantly must worry about whether or not you will receive payment for your settled wagers.
Better Odds – When wagering online you have many options such as extended lines and teasers which your local bookie likely doesn’t provide. Also the large amount of volume the sportsbooks intake allows them to take lower juice (a smaller percentage of the winnings).

More Events – Online you can wager on virtually any sport ranging from the popular such as NBA and NFL all the way down to cricket and league three soccer. You also have the option of many futures and propositions bets and let’s not forget halftime and quarter lines.

Referrals – Most sportsbooks give players up to 10% of the money individuals they refer deposit. This money goes directly into your wagering account and gives you more capital to hedge. This can be a great way to make wagers risk free and put a little extra cash in your pocket.

Poker & Casino – All sportsbooks offer an online casino and most provide poker. This can be a fun alternative to sports wagering when there are no events or if you only have a small amount of money and cannot make a worthwhile sports wager.