Travel Nurse Jobs – What They Are All About?

Nurses are a highly respected and valuable asset to the medical community. There are a number of different exciting and rewarding nursing fields. One type of nurse that has become a popular career choice is the Travel Nurse. A travel nurse is a nurse that goes to various regions of the country, or internationally, to provide short term nursing support. Work environments can include hospitals, medical clinics, facility administration, medical rehabilitation, and more. Although these work assignments are short term, they are quite lucrative. Nurses are normally recruited to fill in for full time nurses on leave, on vacation, or to provide additional support during certain times of the year when there is an excessive work load.

Although a typical nursing assignment can range from days to months, it is usually about 13 weeks. The salary of a travel nurse will vary by experience and location of the assignment. A nurse will usually make about $25 – $35 per hour. Depending on the agency and employer, a nurse may be paid daily or hourly. As well, there will be a housing subsidy, compensation for travel expenses, and health insurance benefits. Those who choose a career as a Travel Nurse appreciate flexibility. One can work as much as they want and decide what type of work assignment they will accept. It is a great choice for new nursing graduates who want to travel and not be tied down to one work place.

Experience is a plus as employers want the nurse to be able to perform all tasks competently on the first day of the assignment. Joining an agency that matches nurses with short-term positions is essential to becoming a travel nurse. Agencies assist employers in most regions of the country with filling their short-term job positions. When a medical facility has a job opening, they will contact the agency. They will then match the job requirements with the candidate. The agency will arrange the interview, and once the nurse is hired, the recruiter will help with the travel arrangements, housing, and acquire the temporary state license. Registered nurses will benefit because their national board exam covers state requirements. The recruiter will receive a fee for their work. Sometimes a medical facility will try to recruit the travel nurse for a full time position if they have an opening and are happy with their work. There are hundreds of agencies that focus on placing travel nurses. Agencies will vary in their representation of employers, assignments, and locations. As well, there are travel nursing agencies that offer free education courses so nurses can stay up-to-date on nursing education and medical technologies.

When you have a career as a travel nurse, you have to maintain a current resume and travel plan. This includes keeping a ‘travel list’ such as important documents, travel papers…etc. Prior to travel, one should carefully check out the work destination such as the community, proximity to supermarkets, retail stores, and restaurants, and any personal safety issues…etc. A nurse should arrive a few days prior to starting the assignment to unpack and settle. The life of a travel nurse is exciting, educational, flexible, and very lucrative. It is a great career choice for those who enjoy helping people while experiencing new places and people.