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5 Sure Ways to Be the Best Field Trip Chaperone

Your child continues to nag you about going on a field trip with their class. A class field trip can be one of the most memorable experiences your child and you can have together. If at all possible, don’t miss it and here are 5 sure ways to be the best field trip chaperone.

  1. Pack a backpack with tissues, hand sanitizer, first aid, etc. Also, be prepared to stuff jackets, souvenirs, or whatever the children get tired of carrying.
  2. Get a heads up from the teacher on problem children, what you can and can’t do, and a schedule of times and meeting places. Keeping organized is a key to a fun time for all.
  3. Get phone numbers from other chaperons or parents before you start out. Decide on meeting places for lunch or if someone gets lost.
  4. Keep a sharp eye on kids that are a little more active or may cause trouble. Give them an assignment or duty to be responsible for during your outing. This will keep them occupied and help them to stay in line.
  5. Don’t forget to join in on the fun. Being a chaperone is more than watching the children. Participate in activities and who knows you may learn something yourself. Also, your child will think you are the cool parent.

Remember to be aware of your surroundings and keep a head count of the children you are in charge of at all times. If someone needs to go to the bathroom, send them in pairs. Also, patience is necessary when dealing with a group of children. Relax, have fun and yes you will survive.